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Cleeve Hill
APRS Weather Station
located on Cleeve Hill
[51°55'19"N 2°0'37"W]
Recent history of MB7UCC
Day/Date Description
Sun 11th Mar 2018Anemometer replaced and system restored to normal operation
Sun 11th Mar 2018Site power restored and hopefully now stable.
Sat 10th Mar 2018Lost power to site at 02:00 10-March-2018, backup power expired around 21:00
Fri 23rd Feb 2018Anemometer fault - wind speed readings may be inaccurate
Sun 9th Jul 2017No data recorded between 15:40 and 20:25 Sun 9th July due to a problem with memory card.
Sat 8th Jul 2017No weather recorded between 10:05 and 17:40 on Sat 8 Jul 2017 due to corruption of library files during update of system.
Tue 3rd Jan 2017The Raspberry Pi used by MB7UCC to collect the Weather Data as well as provide APRS Gateway has been upgraded.
Sat 31st Dec 2016Replacement Anemometer installed (the removed one has jammed)
Mon 26th Dec 2016Anemometer stopped working.
Fri 1st Jul 2016The Weather Station and APRS system (along with other systems) at the site were off-air between 13:45 and 15:30 for essential maintenance work.
Fri 8th Apr 2016Web site changed to use HTTPS
Sat 5th Dec 2015The original Peet Bros Ultimeter 2100 weather station has been decommissioned from the site. All Weather measurements are now made using sensors connected to a Arduino UNO or Raspberry Pi.
Wed 16th Sep 2015Because of a change to the licensing conditions under which the Amateur Radio parts of our weather system operates, callsign changed from MB7UC to MB7UCC on Saturday 26th September - This will have little effect on our web-site (it will still be in the same place) but the change will affect other systems to which we send our weather information.
Tue 7th Jul 2015Spare Anemometer installed.
Mon 6th Jul 2015Anemometer stopped working.
Sun 3rd May 2015Replacement Anemometer installed
Fri 17th Apr 2015Replacement anemometer obtained - will require work to integrate into system
Sun 25th Jan 2015Alternative Temperature Gauge installed
Fri 23rd Jan 2015Temperature Gauge giving intermittent readings.
Sat 10th Jan 2015Anemometer faulty (due to wind damage)
Sun 30th Nov 2014New Temperature and Humidity Sensor installed.
Fri 23rd May 2014Intermittent fault with the temperature and humidity sensor.
Sat 15th Feb 2014Mains power was lost between 02:50 and 10:00 (15th Feb) no weather information was recorded during this period.
Tue 14th Jan 2014A possible replacement Temperature and Humidity probe is currently undergoing testing.
Sat 4th Jan 2014Completed adding Twitter like/follow and Facebook share Icons. On-going tweaks to Twitter weather feed.
Fri 3rd Jan 2014Had a general tidy up of site code, including the EU-Cookie compliance code and addition of Site-News 'pop-up' feature for announcements of changes or new features. You should have seen this in action already, but is expected to be used only rarely as most changes will be posted here in the site History.
Thu 2nd Jan 2014Addition of Temperature tables showing daily, monthly or weekly averages, improvements to menus, updated FAQ, changes to site header.
Wed 1st Jan 2014Further improvements to charts on the web site and enhancements to Twitter Feed.
Mon 30th Dec 2013Created our Twitter @MB7UC account and configured regular feed of Weather data (30 minute intervals) and Daily Statistics at the end of each day.
Wed 25th Dec 2013Added additional rainfall charts for 2012 and 2013.
Tue 24th Dec 2013Additional markers added to charts, showing: Min/Max Barometric pressure, Min/Max Temperature, Max Rainfall and Peak wind speed points, dynamic scaling of Barometric pressure charts. Removed display of humidity charts/values as sensor is not working correctly. (Work on replacing the humidity sensor with different model is in progress).
Sun 8th Dec 2013Installed Raspberry-Pi with APRS I-Gate software (APRX).
Thu 17th Oct 2013Power to site was restored around 22:30z. (No weather data recorded between 15:30z and 23:35z 16/10/2013)
Wed 16th Oct 2013Power problems in the area started around 16:29z. At 17:45z the provider indicated that power should be restored within an hour or so, however during a further call to them at 19:45z we were informed that the problem was more serious than initially thought and it may be sometime before temporary power is made available
Wed 11th Sep 2013Internet connection restored and weather data uploaded to server.
Tue 3rd Sep 2013Sensor lost connection to Internet, our ISP reports that a Farmer has ploughed through the cable
Tue 11th Jun 2013Enabled display of Humidity readings, Note: Readings may be wrong/intermittent
Sat 2nd Mar 2013Anemometer repaired
Tue 26th Feb 2013Anemometer cups delivered
Mon 18th Feb 2013New anemometer cups ordered from USA ($32.45 including shipping)
Sat 16th Feb 2013Anemometer faulty (due to wind damage)
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