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Cleeve Hill
APRS Weather Station
located on Cleeve Hill
[51°55'19"N 2°0'37"W]
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Question 1: Who or what is Gloucestershire Repeater Group?
Answer:Gloucestershire Repeater Group is a non-profit making group that build, operate and maintain various Amateur Radio systems, more information about the group and the other systems we operate can be found on our website.

Question 2: How is the system funded?
Answer:All our activities are funded entirely by donations (monetary, provision of equipment, use of sites etc).
We accept monetary donations via Cheque (UK Only), Cash and PayPal, for further information look here.
If you wish to donate equipment then please (in the first instance) provide relevant information via our Feedback page.

Question 3: Who carries out the Installation and Maintenance of the equipment?
Answer:Most of our equipment is designed, built or modified, configured, tested, installed and maintained by a team of experienced volunteers, however from time to time we need to pay for some professional services (such as Antenna Rigging).

Question 4: Why do some Rainfall or Humidity charts appear empty?
Answer:The original Rainfall and Humidity sensors were added on 13 March 2012 (1800 GMT), so Rainfall and Humidity charts showing periods of time prior to this date will show no data, as will Rainfall charts when there has been little or no rain during the period shown. .

Question 5: Why do I see messages about 'Cookies' and the 'Site News' every-time I visit ?
Answer:In order to know that you have seen these messages the site needs to send and store two cookies in your browser, if you do not allow cookies from the site or if you clear them after your visit (using some other program) then you will see these messages when you next visit or when you load another page on the site. To prevent this you should accept and keep cookies from the site.

Question 6: Is the Wind-speed/direction accurate?
Answer:As the Wind-speed/direction sensor is mounted close to the mast structures and not far from the edge of the escarpment readings from some directions may be in-accurate. There have been issues with the measuring of wind gusts, we believe that these are caused by 'contact bounce' from the anemometer contacts at high wind speeds, we continue to make adjustments to the system (both hardware and software) to try to overcome this issue.

Question 7: What equipment is used?
Answer:MB7UCC uses a collection of sensors, including DS18B20, BMP180, HTU21D and other sensors connected to an Ardunio UNO and a Raspberry Pi which formats the data for APRS transmission and feeding to this web site. The Raspberry Pi also runs APRX software for gating APRS traffic from the Radio to the APRS-IS network.

Question 8: Why are Humidity charts and readings not available on the site or being sent on the Twitter / Weather Underground Feeds?
Answer:We have had repeated issues with the various humidity sensors that have been tried at the site and have been unable to find a reliable sensor that can be used with the Arduino or Raspberry Pi.
Updated: Tue 08-Dec-2015
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