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Cleeve Hill
APRS Weather Station
located on Cleeve Hill
[51°55'19"N 2°0'37"W]
Sorry: There are ongoing issues with the measurement of wind-speed
Daily Temperatures
(1st Oct 2017 to 12th Oct 2017)
Sun 1st Oct 201711.7°C15.0°C13.0°C
Mon 2nd Oct 20177.8°C13.3°C10.5°C
Tue 3rd Oct 20175.6°C12.8°C8.5°C
Wed 4th Oct 20176.7°C11.7°C9.5°C
Thu 5th Oct 20176.7°C13.9°C10.4°C
Fri 6th Oct 20176.1°C12.8°C8.8°C
Sat 7th Oct 20179.4°C13.9°C11.2°C
Sun 8th Oct 20178.3°C14.4°C11.2°C
Mon 9th Oct 201710.0°C13.9°C11.1°C
Tue 10th Oct 201711.1°C15.0°C12.0°C
Wed 11th Oct 20177.8°C13.9°C11.5°C
Thu 12th Oct 20177.2°C13.3°C10.2°C

12 Days5.6°C15.0°C10.7°C
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