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Cleeve Hill
APRS Weather Station
located on Cleeve Hill
[51°55'19"N 2°0'37"W]
About MB7UCC
MB7UCC is the Amateur Radio Callsign allocated by Ofcom to Gloucestershire Repeater Group for an Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS) digi-repeater on Cleeve Hill, approx 5Km North-East of Cheltenham.

MB7UCC which was first installed on 10th March 2002 (then as MB7UC), comprises: A KANTRONICS 9612+ TNC with V8.2 firmware and a modified Key KM150 radio (on 144.800 MHz), with RF filters donated by Steve Perkins G4FPV and utilises a small co-linear antenna.

Weather Station Hardware was added to the site in June 2010 to feed Weather Information into the APRS system and for this web site, over time various sensors have been added or replaced.

The website and various scripts that are used to make this possible were created from scratch by the groups webmaster (Stewart Wilkinson G0LGS).
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